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Lovebirds and a Hippo on the train.

While Levi and I are card-carrying members of Team Handicraft, we love playing with technology for art as well.  In doing our latest Lovebirds project for a square papercut frame (which will have its own blog post soon), we lit upon a second idea: what if there was a Lovebirds frame overlay for social media pics?  We lack the programming wizardry to create a standalone app, but science came to the rescue and we found an easy way to make magic happen.  Would you like to be framed up, Lovebirds style?  Here’s how we did it (I promise it’s easy):

Step #1. Choose a photo

Do you have an Instagram photo of you and someone you fancy that deserves special treatment?  Are you wanting to spruce up your Facebook profile picture?  Choose a photo that’s cropped to square dimensions.  Apply any filters you’d like beforehand and save to your phone/computer/tech device of choice.

Step #2. Download our Lovebirds Frame

It’s right here! (Bird Frame download link)

Step #3. Let’s monkey with it

Head on over to picmonkey.com.  Select “Edit a photo.”

Picture Book. Pictures of a monkey.


Step #4. Upload your picture

Click “Open” and upload your picture of choice.

Step 4

Step #5. Add a black border

Step 5

See that curvy little frame to the right of your picture?  Click it.  Select “Simple Edge.”  Make both the outer and inner color black and drag each of their thickness bars to 100%.  Click “Apply.”

Step #6. Repeat that last one!

Step 6

That last step was so easy, why not do it twice?  Repeat Step #5.  Simple Edge → Black on both → 100% → “Apply.”  This will have your photo sized to the correct proportions.

Step #7. Frame it

Step 7

Click that little butterfly to the left to apply an overlay.  At the top of the “Overlays” menu, you have the option to use your own.  Select that, and upload the “square_bird.gif” image from Step #2.  It’ll plop on top of your image tinysized, so drag the corners out and reposition until it’s snugging your photo just right.

Step #8. Save it

Step 8

Click the “Save” button above your finished photo and select the quality you want (hint: the “Save to My Computer” button wasn’t playing nice with my computer, but all you have to do is right click the displayed photo and select “Save Image as.”  

And now you have a Lovebirds framed photo to send out into the world!  Share your results with us, we’d love to see all your beautiful mugs. You can use our contact form, or tag us on Instagram or Twitter with @lovebirdspaper. We’re also happy to see your posts and likes on our Facebook page!




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